Many of you may or may not know the story of the name we chose. It was originally established by Joe Jandrakovic in 1990 in Hutchinson, KS. Joe and Cody spent many years together both racing and running a successful hobby shop. Today, Cody will pick up the torch and carry on the traditions that Joe started many years ago.

Ownership Background

Cody Jandrakovic:

Cody was born and raised in Central Kansas. He entered the hobby at a young age, eventually earning himself a spot in his father’s Hobby store managing it. Cody managed the business for over 13 years both the sales side and the race track side. They built the Hobby Shop to become one of the longest standing Hobby Shops and Indoor race tracks to be in business over 30 years, and it is still in business today. They sold the business in 2003. Then, Cody moved to Garden City, Kansas where he assisted in the management of a hobby shop and race track for 9 more years. Cody moved to Amarillo with his daughter, Dakota, and is continuing this incredible legacy.